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Cecilia Costello nee Kelley, was born in Birmingham on October 24th 1884.

An early photo of Cecilia, Centre with pigtails.

- The Early Years

Cecilia (nee Kelly) was born in White Lion Yard, 8 Dean Place, Pershore Street, behind the Bull Ring, Birmingham...on October 24th 1884.

She was the youngest of 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls.

Her mother (Margret Kelly, nee Higgins), lived in Galway and her father (Edward) lived in Roscommon, they came over, from Ireland, to Birmingham to escape starvation, along with others...by the boatload!

The first account of Cecilia's life is at the age of 12 working, as an unpaid trainee making screws, in Hawkin's Screw Factory, Cheapside, Digbeth, Birmingham.  She subsequently worked from 8 in the morning till 7 at night, making screws, for 6 or 7 shillings a week; a penny and a penny farthing a gross depending on the size.

 In the 1901 census. Records show that on Sunday March 31st she was 17 years old, single and slept or abode in Birmingham Workhouse Infirmary*, her occupation was given as a Brass Polisher.




Died on 20th April 1976 aged 91.

*Ref: RG 13/2850 216-247 Page 27 236 Column 18


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